Made in happy World ™

is an open Platform for authentic People, Businesses and Projects, who want to make this World a happy and good Place to live.

Everyone in their individual Way. Just use your Common Sense. You can be an active Individual, a Business Person, have sustainable Products or a social Project, perhaps be a Musician.

The important thing is your unique & honest Message. Complete "Made in happy World�" now. Simply mail us your Name, Country, Website, E-mail Address & briefly explain what Project it is that makes you & others happy and i will list your Website for free under the Country you live in, i.e. Made in happy Germany�, Made in happy Israel�, Made in happy Palestine� or Made in happy Finnland�, then communicate it and let grow a Flock of happy completing Earthlings.

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Made in happy World is a happy Service. You are welcome to make a Donation if you like.
If your Product is sustainable, toxic-free, produced in your Country & makes People happy, you can use the Logo for Marketing purposes for an annual Fee of net 60 Euros.

Greetings, Jan from happy Germany.

Every Friday there are Meetings with Live Food & Music, Groovy Business Talks & Doing Nothing Workshops.

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